Waiting time for the release of tekken7 has finally come to an end and this summer has really paid for the Tekken die-hard fans to feel the heat. Fascinating to know that it is available in your stores, Hope so the development changes in the game would impress the game fans. So for ps4 and xboxone owned owners, Also it’s a multiplayer game then if you have single joystick order another one or simply enjoy playing solo, offline arcade mode which is a fight with CPU characters and online play to show your maximum rage in the battle. keep checking your Ethernet cable or wifi so that in case you don’t have to face any connectivity issues.

Let’s know the Developments made to the game

As we Know Tekken 7 in Unreal Engine Development platform. Tekken is the most popular game in fighting arcade style. The game is developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Characters are less compared to the previous game Tekken tag tournament 2 but giving a More Gradient moves to each character with building the Rage system so if you miss the timing move or blink your eyes more you miss and your opponent wins the game but if have mastered with your favorite character or player winnings always at your side means a total Game changer. Frames Data is updated in the development of game maybe it will be released soon on the web. Some Movie cuts have been done, Also after selecting the characters, the time is reduced a little bit so players don’t have to wait more at the screen displaying both the characters.

Might have improved the stage textures and the lighting effects which were earlier were uncomfortable for the players playing with certain characters at different stages. Online play mode is updated which was earlier a little bit lagging and had connectivity issues. Camera rotating speed has been adjusted to give the exact speed when there is a move which rotates. There are still more unknown implements which there will be a lot of video’s available on youtube, so stay tuned to your favorite youtube channels to get to know about the gameplay, combos, and tournaments.

tekken7-akuma-heihachi-fightingPicture showing Akuma and Heihachi fighting.

Tekken 7 New Characters as follows:


Akuma (known as Gouki in Japan) is a major character in the Street Fighter series. His purpose is to defeat the strongest of foes, even if his victory can be murderous. looks like he made it to tekken7 that’s Awesome.


Claudio is a new character introduced in Tekken 7. Has Some Really Fascinating moves with good looking combos.


Eliza is an original character created for Tekken Revolution. She is a narcoleptic vampiress who uses projectiles with a total makeover and the best alternative to win great battles if mastered.


Gigas is a massive, monstrous creature character who made its debut in Tekken 7. Smash your opponent with this player taking heavy damages.

Josie Rizal

Josie Rizal is a Tekken character, introduced in Tekken 7. She is sexy, charming and more damage taking the player.


Katarina is a Savate fighter from Central America. She appears first in Tekken 7.

Kazumi Mishima

Kazumi Mishima was the wife of Heihachi and mother of Kazuya. Return of the Wife…OMG, the Game is now a total hit. Plus one for Mishima Family.

Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe is a character debuting in Tekken 7. The Name Says it all.

Master Raven

The leader of a top-secret ninja organization and the boss of Raven, from previous Tekken entries. The lady ninja and a faster version of raven compared to older raven in Tekken series.


Shaheen is a Saudi Arabian warrior who first appears in Tekken 7. The name is approved by real community in Saudi Arabian and the character outfit.

Tekken 7 is rated as PEGI 16. Sleepless nights are getting over and tekken7 is also VR Compatible. May Rage be With Us All. Don’t miss the Season pass and the ArtBook.

Quote of the Day:-There are more important things in life than winning or losing a game – Lionel Messi




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