Horizon Zero Dawn is an Amazing action roleplay video game developed by Guerrilla Games and is Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The Released Date of
Horizon Zero Dawn for PS4 was on the year 2017 February 28th. Guerrilla Games Company is famous for there earlier games such as Killzone. Horizon Zero Dawn is also forward compatible with the PS4 Pro, allowing it to run up to 4K resolution. However, the Horizon Zero Dawn game features open world environment for Character named
Aloy to explore the story quests.

It is the most gorgeous console game ever made for PS4.

ALOY is a Hunter and an archer as she ventures through a post-apocalyptic land which is ruled by Robotic creatures. Aloy can kill enemies by setting traps like tripwires
using her skills and shooting them with arrows. As through the gameplay, Player’s will find amazing landscape and the most beautiful scene of nature but with the kill
machines which attacks Aloy.

As Game progresses the Aloy find most powerful Robotic creatures which are strong enough to hurt Aloy with their attacks. As Aloy is Equipped with abilities like dodge, sprint, slide, and roll to evade her enemies advances.

The game features more unlocking features which give control and upgrade of her skills in combat. Horizon Zero Dawn has got many Awards for its Best Action-Adventure Game for the PlayStation 4 platform.

gameplay horizon zero dawn

The Game is fully Enjoyable in its own way and to explore the great beautiful open world. As to say Guerrilla games developer as gone so far deep to create this Awesome game.
Players can make them the fighting patterns to kill and win through the machines which attack Aloy.

Hunting Robots, animals for health potions, new weapons is a vital factor to take care of by players.

Players can Enjoy the most game experience if they wear their headphones which makes the sound reach you like you are dropped into the Aloy’s character.


The Game is an absolute must-buy for all PS4 owners and for collectors. Players can exploit their enemies, weakness to take them with collateral damage.The Game is available on leading stores and online like Amazon, Flipkart. Aloy can upgrade Arrow and bow. The camera in the gameplay is more focused to maintain the player’s interest while shooting at the enemies.

She can able to Focus on to discover a track and follow it to destroy the enemies coming in her way. With great visual effects and voice, acting Guerrilla games kept the promise. we believe there should be more upcoming games from this company in the future.
Now go get the game, train like never before, improve your skills and hunt for robots that want to conquer the world.

Quote of the day:- Life is a game and true love is a trophy – Rufus Wainwright


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