The Most Action thrilled online shooting game War Rock is a multiplayer first-person genre shooting game made by the South Korean company known as Dream Execution.
It was released on 7th February in the year 2007. The game is a free-to-play first-person shooter and supports the Microsoft Windows Platform.
The game is divided into 17 main modes of play like Conquest Mode, Individual Death Match, Capture the base which includes team Death Match, Bombing Mission, One Man Army and AI Mode which you can Team up or play solo to kill zombies.
Although there are 17 game modes spanning over 90 distinct maps, customizable characters/load outs, a hardcore Clan League, and monthly in-game events, War Rock has something for everyone.

You can Choose between five fully customizable professions and engage them in a close quarters combat, each with their own ranking and achievements.
The Five Professions are The Engineer Medic Sniper Assault and Heavy Trooper with each specialized for a different role on the battlefield. Each and Every Profession
features a fully customizable load-out of weapons and gears sets.

Let’s know more what the Professions do on the battleground.

Engineers are the masters of technology and machinery who provides repair support on the battlefield. They rely on vehicles for protection and carry light assault rifles. They are equipped with essential tools like the Spanner and Pipe Wrench to repair the damaged vehicles and only the Engineer can repair the vehicles such as Bikes, Tanks, Helicopter, Fighter Planes etc.

Medic’s role on the battlefield is to provide rapid aid to the wounded. Medic is equipped with small arms and Submachine guns. As Medic’s First Preference is to their Medkit. The Medic can aid herself and the others.

Snipers provide on-demand recon support and able to target the enemies from a long-distance.They are equipped with a variety of high powered rifles and grenade bombs.

The assault comes with a bulk military infantry operation as they are equipped with a variety of powerful weapons like assault rifles and shotguns which are perfect for short-
range and does versatile damage to their Enemies.

Heavy Tropper counteracts enemy armor on the battleground through the use of rockets, mines and high powered weaponry. Heavy Tropper can also be outfitted to provide best
devastating anti-infantry for support.

As You Advance through the game, War Rock has a Ranking system which Ranks you and gives earning points which can be used to buy weapons in the game.Ranks are consistent
across all Professions and are visible to the other players on the Leaderboards. You can get the respect and invites more repeatedly because of the higher rank and skills. The player’s performance is tracked with experience points and in-game money which players can earn several ways including defeating opponents or completing objectives. As players gain experience, they will advance in level, allowing them to access new weapons items, which can be bought with money earned in the game. War Rock features a clan system, that allows members to engage in clan wars whilst representing their specific clans.

Below is an image of ranks.


Let’s See Controls.


Spacebar – Jump; Stand from a crouch
C – Crouch
W – Move Forward
S – Move Backward
A – Strafe Left
D – Strafe Right
Q – Lean Left
E – Lean Right
R – Reload
T – Mini Map
X – Toggle Radio Commands
Z – Weapon Quick Change
1-8 – Slot Change
~ – Change Class In Room
F1 – Toggle Tips
F4 – Reset Character
F5 ~ F12 – Emotes
ESC – Exit
Tab – Scoreboard
Enter – Chat
Print Sc – Take Screenshot
W,S,A,D+Shift – Roll
Mouse 1 (LMB) – Use Weapon
Mouse 2 (MMB) – Slot Change
Mouse 3 (RMB) – Zoom In

Let’s See System Requirements for the game.


With regular updates and community events, there is always a new challenge waiting to be conquered.War Rock Online shooting game multiplayer can be downloaded using this official link

Quote of the Day: Players are artists who create their own reality within the game – Shigeru Miyamoto




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