How to keep You, Your Family & Home Safe With these Simple Steps

Parents Worried about there children about there safety from returning to school or going to jobs at late shifts. You don’t know who’s spying on you or you are under the watch of a criminal thief. Crime Only happens When you neglect Simple things you are meant to follow certain rules for safety.If you skip certain safety rules, you are making yourself & your family prone to your own loss.In this Fast-changing World, you probably miss certain things to check in addition.Today we discuss Certain Rules & safety tips for you which could avoid damages to you and your assets.

Always Remember Negligence is not an excuse.


  1. When you Traveling or going to long distance away from your Home Make Sure you know the City’s nearest police station come in that area ,keep your mobile with balance and Fully charged handset,emergency numbers and Helpline numbers at speed Dial, Always Inform anyone at your home members or neighbors that you are visiting or going to certain places so this also help in case of an emergency and ensures safeguard of your House Property.
  2. Always Check Four Things at your home whiling Going Out that are to be switched off Electric switches, Cooking Gas cylinder, Water Taps and you main Door & Windows is Locked Properly or not.
  3. If you own a Vehicle two-wheeler Always wear a Helmet, carry your ID cards, License & check your petrol level with vehicle condition. Avoid Traveling at Nights at the remote area.
  4. When Traveling Through Trains Your should always carry your food & Sufficient water. Never Ever Take Food or Prasads anyone Offers at the train as they may contain Sleeping Drugs in it.Even If they tell that they visited certain temples or Dressed in Swami avatars.Never Wear Gold ornaments on Travel and Carefully Monitor you belongings, luggage. If you are Alone traveling, Never Go to Toilets when Train is stopped as this will give the chance for thief’s to carry or Run away with your valuable luggage.
  5. If You are Alone on Streets and you sense Danger, Rush immediately to a Public Crowded Place and make a call to your home for help or police.
  6. If You are working in Office and returning home at late nights using city bus then If you miss your last bus rather stay in office.Avoid taking lift’s in cars or vehicles to save your money because you don’t know that person and might your life will be in danger state.If you someone of you known family vehicles gives Lift to you, even then call to your home that you are coming home with this known named person immediately.
  7. Always Teach the minor Children’s that Never ever to ride with an unknown person or take chocolate food items.
  8. Never Give your Mobile or phone If someone is asking to make a call emergency instead you can dial & put it on the loudspeaker.They Could Distract you & can Run Away with it.

Children’s safety


Never Take Food Items From Unknown Person or Stranger.


  1. If You are living in an Apartment and have watchmen, then Strictly tell Him to maintain a Logbook that who is coming, going It can be a milkman, newspaperman, Delivery or sales guy.
  2. If You Have a Tank at your Roof in your apartment & has a Door.Keep the Door always locked when not in use as little Children’s have danger in playing in the roof and an unknown person could add a killing Drug in your Tank water.
  3. Never Ever Share any valuable information with your Family Guest, Relatives or Friends About your personal assets or Income.
  4. Never open the Door without asking Who you are and always keep the milkman, newspaper guy or salesman outside while paying him the bills and Don’t let them peek inside the house.
  5. Never Send Minor little Children to Far Shop for Groceries or any others things.Always Send him to someone elder person of your home.

Always Watch At least 1 hour of TV news or Read Newspaper Once a day to Keep Yourself Updated.


  1. When Shopping or making Bill payments through Point of sale at shopping and shops, Always Swipe the card yourself, Never give your card to a person because he could distract you and clone the card. when typing the pin Cover it with your other hand So the Security camera monitoring the shop could also reveal your pin.
  2. When taking out cash at ATM, Never take Help of the other people instead you learn steps from the issuing bank itself when getting your new ATM card.Always Close the ATM Door, Don’t allow any other people it Enters the inside of the ATM when you are withdrawing the money.
  3. Never tell you Account details or pin details when you receive a call from unknown or known number telling that you have won the lottery or they are calling from the bank. Don’t Ever tell your Account details to anyone & report the number to the bank.Such Calls are a fraud & can Damage your Financial Assets.
  4. In Case You have Lost your ATM Card immediately Report to the bank to block it.Can Directly contact your bank or Calling there Toll-free Number Which is printed in your Account Passbook.
  5. Never Share Your OTP(One time password) with others as this Could lead to Steal your bank funds.
  6. If You Use a Computer or a Mobile for Online shopping.Use Antivirus Programs.As this Could keeps Your System Virus Free.Always order your Products From a Reputed Online Store.
  7. Always take the Receipt at the Shop When Purchasing items at any store.This Helps you to maintain the proof of your Product that is owned by you.

Quote of the day:- A friend in need is a friend indeed.


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