Top 10 things to learn in these Holidays for Student

As on Completing the Exams Students and children’s make up there mind on movies, travel and computer courses in this fast-changing world.One should also learn to keep himself fit for any work he or she gets.They plan themselves for some adventure, tours for relaxation of mind.But When the Time comes for the Survival of saving yourself or anyone in an emergency condition they did not know the steps to perform to save a life. As they get a month or two these ten things could be easily learned in six to seven days so in an Emergency situation they can Act faster, smarter to save themselves in there Future life.


Students learn to prepare there own camping tent and setting-up the solar device.


Teaching yourself the Simple Steps towards the Survival & safety.

Here are the ten things to learn in before going on an adventure.

  1. Learn CPR which is also known as Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. When a someone gets a Cardiac arrest, it happens when the heart stops pumping blood around your body. You could save the person by performing a CPR procedure until the ambulance arrives.
  2. Learn Self-Defense, When in any bad Situation follows you by robbers or eve teasing.You can At least protect yourself & your Family from getting major injuries in a fight & escaping saves yourselves.
  3. Learn to make a Stretcher, Suppose you are on a adventure in a forest & Someone slipped and broke his leg.When anyone in your team gets injured or Broke a leg.You can help him by making a stretcher, which in you can carry the injured person to nearest camp Because if he walks it additionally does more damages to the injured part which later becomes more complicated for surgery.
  4. Learn Sign Language Also known as Deaf and dumb language.It is a useful language which most people neglect to learn.But after learning this you can feel confident and can help any person with this disabilities for finding an address or any other help which other people can’t understand.
  5. Learn Driving.You should all learn at least two & four wheeler Driving, Suppose you and friend are going to a place at that time your friends fell sick in the middle of the journey, So Because at in an emergency case you drive to your destination.
  6. Learn Swimming.Many People we see drown at ponds, where they go out at sea. learn to swim so that in a case if your friend or any other is drowning you could save him.
  7. Learn to make a Compass which shows east, west, north & south.You are on an adventure & lost the way. When in any situation you are lost you can make a Compass needle any and thread so that you can find your lost way.
  8. Learn How to make Fire with only woods.Suppose you are on a camping and crossed a river wetting yourself with your package.When you lighter or matchbox is wet you can alternatively make fire with wood sticks.Also smoke from fire lets the search team know where to find in case you lost your way on an adventure camping in the forest.
  9. Learn to make a tent or a Shelter building small for yourself’s to not to get wet and to stay away from ground animals in the forest.
  10. Learn Cooking.Without Cooking your Course would be incomplete So learn to cook.Cooking has always been fun.So this Holidays you camp in teaches you some of the Survival tricks to Save a Life in an emergency Do or Die Situation, improves thinking faster, making your mind strong.

Quote of the Day:-You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water-Rabindranath Tagore.


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