Have you Dreamed of owning Gold in your lifetime? The time has come when you can Buy Gold on phonepe wallet by Flipkart and fulfill your dreams. Flipkart has partnered with India’s trusted Brands like MMTC-PAMP and SafeGold Giving you the Highest Purity on buying Gold. As you can Now Buy Gold on PhonePe with a Digital Locker and is the Safest Method available Online.

Is Buying Gold on PhonePe Safe, Easy and secured?

Here we will tell you what are features of PhonePe App and steps involved in buying Gold on PhonePe, then you can decide on your own why to Buy Gold on Phonepe wallet by
Flipkart. We hope that after reading this Article, you will able to decide according to the requirement that you can buy Gold on the Phonepe wallet.

What is a Phonepe wallet and Why is it useful to Buy Gold on Phonepe.

As You know, Flipkart is the largest and trusted eCommerce online store. As a reputed Brand, they deliver you your orders anywhere in the country and at in your doorstep. They have faced many Challenges to bring the best products to the customers and is a successful company. Their services are outstanding and they work with determination to fulfill everyone’s needs based on E-commerce products. So why Phonepe wallet is a better option for Buying Gold on Phonepe. Let have a look at Phonepe App below and figure out why is the best fulfilling app in India.

Users of Phonepe App – As of now there are 50 million users on Google play store and is counting on. Also in AppleAppStore with over 250K Ratings. As this is a Good indication why most of the majority people trust Phonepe services.

It’s free – Downloading this Phonepe App on the store is Free of cost at GooglePlay and in AppleAppStore, Also involves no other charges.

Easy to use – Even if you do not have much Buying knowledge, you can easily follow the steps below.

Benefits of Buying Gold on Phonepe – Because the Phonepe wallet app is a Flipkart’s Product, they have ensured easy interface for users. As a User Places a buy order of gold and pays through the app. It is recorded in Flipkart’s Database which consists of server computers and serves as a Digital record for the Gold you purchased with the price and in grams by Date and time too. So that you can anytime get the Purchase Details of your Gold anywhere with the Phonepe App itself.

Why relay on the Phonepe wallet – As Buying Gold on Phonepe is Safe and you know that this is a Brand. People love where you get a better quality product and service. Many
People Buy Gold on Phonepe to Gift on marriages, Functions and Birthday parties to there loved ones as this the best Gift they will remember and put you apart from others.
Owning even a gram of gold makes a big difference in our lives and more if you have bought Gold first time in your life.

Digital Locker available – When you buy gold on the phonepe app, the gold is kept ready at the companies secured locker. Means, the amount of gold is assigned to you. They record your invoice or your order of how much you bought at that price for that many grams and it cannot be changed. Your gold is now in Digital form, at the company is safe and secure, Also you can anytime order a physical gold of that. You can always query on the app to look for details of the gold you brought as known as the Digital locker for the gold.

How to pay – Once you place an order you can pay by Debit and Credit cards or using UPI payment which is the safest and fastest method build in the Phonepe wallet app.

What are the Steps Involved in Buying Gold on Phonepe wallet by Flipkart?

Let’s get started and remember that you just have to follow these steps below in an order to successfully buy gold on the Phonepe app.

Step 1 – Take a look at your phone or mobile, If it is an Android you have to go to the Google Play Store or If it is IOS you have to go to Apple App Store. Search for the app named Phonepe.

Step 2 – Requires you to download the App Phonepe and install it on your phone.

phonepe app interface

Step 3 – Now to Register, Open the app and verify your phone number which is same as the one you registered with your bank account which makes you easy to purchase Gold on
Phonepe App.

Step 4 – Fill in your name, email address and set your own 4-digit password and activate your wallet. Next, you create Virtual payment address (VPA) also known as UPI Payment address. Link your bank account to the Phonepe App by selecting your bank and the app will automatically recognize and will fetch the details. Confirm your bank details and you are ready to use the app.

Step 5 – Next process is to look for Gold coin Icon and press to proceed to next screen.

phonepe all service interface

Step 6 – Select your choice of Purity by these Company MMTC-PAMP or SafeGold. Remember to see that it changes highlighted box and you can see the purity which is 99.99% in MMTC-PAMP and 99.5% in SafeGold.

phonepe gold buy interface

Step 7 – Type in your Amount or in Grams you want to purchase and click on proceed to payment.

phonepe type amount or grams to buy

Step 8 – You also see the timer of 5 minutes countdown only to confirm your selected amount of grams you buy, you will able to buy at that price as this is a live trade. Means the Price is reserved for 5 minutes and will change after 5 minutes of the complete countdown.

phonepe select payment type

Step 9 – Next you have to select the by which way you want to pay them like you can use remaining wallet Balance, UPI, Debit card or Credit Card. ( Note:- Here, I have used my remaining wallet balance to buy Gold on phonepe).

phonepe payment details

Step 10 – Congrats, You will see a Successful message with your transaction ID and the details of your Gold in the grams and in amount price.

phonepe gold purchase successful

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Wow, now you know how to buy gold on the phonepe app and within minutes you will get confirmation by email as I got her in the picture below.

phonepe gold purchase confirmation email with transaction ID

Your Gold is in hands of good Company safe and secured and the interesting part is that they also give certain of cash backs and offers time to time as I too got for mine in the picture below. You can also look for in the app and on the website.

phonepe cashback confirmation email

You can Follow this Link to download the app:- The Thanksgiving to me.

Quote of the Day:- Gold is money. Everything else is credit – J.P. Morgan.




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